Program a Key Fob to Unlock All Your Cars

By September 19, 2014Technology

Having to carry around a bunch of keys is enough of a pain but add in a few key fobs and now your key chain might as well be a fashion accessory. Luckily, programming one keyless entry fob to work with all your cars like a universal remote is an easy procedure you can do in a few minutes.

The video above produced by the tech blog, Filear, demonstrates the pairing process for a GM truck but you can also find specific instructions for Ford, Dodge, Chevy, Toyota, Nissan, JEEP, and many more on the same post. A car can usually be paired with 4 remotes so the idea is to clear the default settings of your key fob and re-program it with each vehicle.

If you’re a household with multiples of a specific make, then there’s a good chance of consolidating your key fobs with this neat little trick. Just keep in mind that if both cars are parked near each other remember to lock the other again before leaving or it will sit unlocked in your driveway or on the street!

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