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You're here. So clearly you enjoy turning an occasional wrench and would fit right in with our DIY modding community. Heck, you probably feel that 400 hp is nothing to brag about either …we like you already. We are enthusiasts just like you, telling our stories with every mod while helping you build your own dream ride.

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Latest Tech

Because free weekends are totally overrated.

How to Identify Your Automatic Transmission

How Do I Identify My Automatic Transmission?

| Drive Train | No Comments

For such a large component, you’d assume there’d be plenty of space for a blatantly shiny placard, emblem or sticker you could see with a quick peek under the car….

Alternator Charge Wire Gauges

Recommended Gauges for One-Wire Alternators

| Electrical, Engine | No Comments

Like most car enthusiasts, you’ll want to add some modern comforts to your classic or muscle car – and that means an alternator upgrade to power them all. In the…

How to Measure Wheel Bolt Pattern

How to Measure Wheel Bolt Pattern

| Wheels | No Comments

Tired of your stock wheels and looking to make a change? Whether you’re upsizing or just picking a style you like better, one measurement you’ll have to know is your…

How to Choose the Right Exhaust Diameter

Choosing the Right Diameter Exhaust Pipe

| Exhausts | No Comments

Who needs a size chart? The bigger the pipe the more the powaaahhh, right? Well, up to a certain point. So if you’re getting ready to install a new system…

Home-Cooked Mods

Wrenchably delicious garage and workshop projects to satisfy even the most discerning gearhead.

Turn an Oil Barrel into a Grill

This Old Oil Barrel Now Serves Up Some Delicious Grillables

| Outdoor | No Comments

Every single day millions of oil barrels are produced and disposed of across the planet, most of which end up in landfills where they live the rest of their days…

Stoarge Idea for Cutting & Grinding Discs

Store Cutting & Grinding Discs in a CD Spindle

| Organizing | No Comments

There’s no real good way to store your collection of cutting, grinding and sanding discs in your toolbox. They either end up mixed in with your tools or tossed together…

Hubcap Flowers Garden Art

Blooming Hubcaps Garden Art

| Outdoor | No Comments

Ugh, hubcaps! Not even your car likes them. Much like those smokin’ hot but uncomfortable stiletto shoes that have no function other than to look good, cars can’t wait to…

How to Lock Your Door with a Fork

Lock a Door with a Dinner Fork

| Household Hacks | No Comments

This hack will have you channeling your inner MacGyver because you never know when you’ll find yourself having dinner alone in a seedy motel while hiding out from “the bad…

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