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Now in Production

You're here. So clearly you enjoy turning an occasional wrench and would fit right in with our DIY modding community. Heck, you probably feel that 400 hp is nothing to brag about either …we like you already. We are enthusiasts just like you, telling our stories with every mod while helping you build your own dream ride.

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Latest Tech

Because free weekends are totally overrated.

How to Choose the Right Exhaust Diameter

Choosing the Right Diameter Exhaust Pipe

| Exhausts | No Comments

Who needs a size chart? The bigger the pipe the more the powaaahhh, right? Well, up to a certain point. So if you’re getting ready to install a new system…

How to Read Spark Plugs

Read Your Spark Plugs Like a Tuning Storybook

| Engine | No Comments

Spark plugs wear their life story on the outside and being able to read their appearance can be a valuable tuning aid. Just by looking at the insulator firing nose…

Common V8 Enging Firing Orders

Common V8 Engine Firing Orders

| Engine | No Comments

Has a simple distributor cap and rotor change suddenly taken a turn for the worse? Things could get complicated rather quickly when you’ve lost track of your wiring order and…

How to Identify Your Differential

Differential Identification

| Drive Train | No Comments

The first step to repairing or upgrading your differential is to correctly identify it. The best way to do that is to read the bottom line of the tag number…

Home-Cooked Mods

Wrenchably delicious garage and workshop projects to satisfy even the most discerning gearhead.

Drill Storage & Charging Station

Drill Charging & Storage Station

| Organizing | No Comments

Power drills are some of the most important tools you have so it’s important to keep them charged – you never know when a DIY moment will strike. Charging them…

How to Convert Your Shed into a Bar

Transform Your Storage Shed into Your Own Private Bar

| Outdoor | No Comments
Backyard sheds can be a lot like mini haunted houses - dark, dusty, spider web-covered storage for "second-tier" equipment and tools. These are items that are too bulky to store...
Make a Fire Pit with Old Wheels

Redneck Car Rim BBQ

| Outdoor | No Comments

If you have an impressive junk pile …err …treasure pile, chances are there’s a spare set of wheels buried somewhere inside that trove. Why spend beaucoup bucks on a grill…

Make a Teeter Totter

Smiley-Face Tire Totter

| Outdoor, Recycling | No Comments

You know, like a teeter totter only with a tire! This lovable playground toy is easy to make with just a tire, wood board, handles and fasteners but decorating and…

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