How Do I Identify My Automatic Transmission?

How to Identify Your Automatic Transmission

For such a large component, you’d assume there’d be plenty of space for a blatantly shiny placard, emblem or sticker you could see with a quick peek under the car. While some automatic transmissions have a code stamped into their case or even a tag riveted to them, years of debris and grime can make them hard to find and you may even have to look deep into the transmission tunnel to spot them.

Whether you’re trying to buy a car from a private seller who doesn’t know much about what they have or are getting ready to dive into some new mods on your own vehicle, there must be an easier way to identify what you’re looking at. Fortunately, there’s a “give-away” staring you right in the face at the bottom of every transmission – the pan shape and bolt design.

Almost all automatic transmissions have their own pan shapes and characteristic number of bolts. Here are some of the most popular:

GM Transmissions

GM Power Glide

2-speed 1962-1973
GM Power Glide Transmission

GM Turbo 200 & 200C

3-speed 1976-1987
GM Turbo 200 & 200C Transmission

GM Turbo 2004R

Overdrive 1981-1990
GM Turbo 2004R Transmission

GM Turbo 350 & 350C

3-speed 1969-1986
GM Turbo 350 & 350C Transmission

GM Turbo 400

3-speed 1965 and newer
GM Turbo 400 Transmission

GM 700R4 (4L60)

Overdrive 1982 and 1992
GM 700R4 (4L60) Transmission

GM 4L80E

Overdrive 1991 and newer
GM 4L80E Transmission

Ford Transmissions

Ford C-4

3-speed 1965-1986
Ford C-4 Transmission

Ford A4LD

Overdrive 1985 and newer
Ford A4LD Transmission

Ford C-6

3-speed 1966 and newer
Ford C-6 Transmission

Ford AOD, AODE & 4R70W

Overdrive 1980-1991 (AOD), 1991 and newer (AODE & 4R70W)
Ford AOD, AODE, and 4R70W Transmission

Ford E40D

Overdrive 1989 and newer
Ford E40D Transmission

Ford FMX

3-speed 1968-1980
Ford FMX Transmission

Chrysler Transmissions

Chrysler 904, 998 & 999

3-speed 1960 and newer
Chrysler 904, 998 & 999 Transmission

Chrysler 727

3-speed 1962 and newer
Chrysler 727 Transmission

Chrysler A500

Overdrive 1988 and newer
Chrysler A500 Transmission

Chrysler A518 & A618

Overdrive 1990 and newer
Chrysler A518 & A618 Transmission

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