Cook Up a Hot Meal on a Natural Log Stove

By December 5, 2014Outdoor

If you’re ever caught without a cooking stove or camp-fire facilities, or you just want to show off a cool camping trick to your friends and get a meal out of it, this DIY log stove is a great way to cook in the outdoors or even your backyard.

Also known as a Swedish Fire Torch, all you need to make one of your own is a log, chainsaw (although an axe or saw would work just fine) and some newspaper.

Swedish Fire Pit - Cut a log and add newspaper

Cut the log evenly on both ends so it stands up on its own and provides a flat cooking surface for your pot or pan. Then cut it into vertical segments most of the way down the length of the log with an axe or chainsaw. Stuff in some newspaper into the cracks as deep as you can get it, leaving a wick at the bottom, and light it up.

That’s all there is to it! The log burns from the inside out in a controlled manner, and you have an all-natural, handmade stove.

Simple Handmade Stove | English Russia

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